What is Home Power Saver?

Home Power Saver's primary purpose is to help you save money and reduce your bills by saving energy in your home. My focus is on cost effective measures that almost anyone can perform. When possible, calculators are provided and a cost analysis is performed to make it clear whether a specific energy or water saving project is worthwhile. In other words, my blog is about energy efficiency in a cost effective way.

On occasion I will cover less cost-effective projects and products for those that are more interested in reducing their ‘footprint’ than just saving money.

Additionally, I’ll review products that are on the market and help identify their strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, I'll tell you if those products really work and can really save energy.  There are a lot of useful products out there, and there are also plenty of scams.

Who Is Behind Home Power Saver?

My name is Michael Hawk and I developed the idea for this site after spending years working on my house to make it as efficient as possible. I currently live in the Arizona Sonoran Desert where it is critical to have an efficient home, not just in the 110 degree summers, but also on the 20 degree winter nights. I’ve also owned homes in the midwest USA and lived in a number of other locations, providing additional insight into regional requirements for efficient homes.

I have years of experience in writing web content and love to share knowledge. I feel my experience can help bridge the gap to make these simple energy savings projects accessible to anyone. Additionally, I have a ‘real’ day job working in telecommunications as a network architect and engineer, so my only interest in this site is creating good content and providing impartial reviews of products.

What Can You Expect From Home Power Saver?

As mentioned, this site is all about energy efficiency and water efficiency. You can expect unique articles describing a number of projects that any homeowner should be able to confidently complete. I’ll review useful products, and occasionally look into future products and important news to consider. Further, I hope to create useful tools and calculators to help you make solid financial decisions before spending money on a project. 

We'll cover ways to save electricity, gas, and water over the months ahead.

And please help support the site by leaving comments on posts, linking to it if you like it, and letting your friends know about it.

This site will be an evolution, and with the help of every reader, I hope to ensure it evolves with you in mind. Please feel free to contact me using the form below.

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