Power Savings Calculator

How To Use The Power Savings Calculator - it's actually quite simple!

Use the Power Savings Calculator to calculate what you will save on your electric bill based on the amount of power you've saved. Additionally, you can use it to calculate KwH usage.

  1. Enter your local power price in cents.  This is typically measured in cents per KwH (kilowatt-hour).  Typical prices range from 7 to 16 cents.
  2. Determine how many watts of power were saved.  For example, if you replace a 60 watt light bulb with a 12 watt CFL, you will have saved 48 w.
  3. Enter how many hours per day you are saving that power.  For example, if that light runs for 4 hours per day, you'd enter 4 hours per day.

Cost Per KwH cents 
Watts Saved
Hours Used Per Day 
Daily Savings dollars
Monthly Savings  dollars
Yearly Savings dollars
Daily KwH KwH
Monthly KwH KwH
Yearly KwH KwH